Company activities



Repair of Steam Turbines
Erection of Turbine and Generator equipment
Repair and Erection of Feed Water Pumps
Repair and Erection of Turbine Regulating System
Repair and Erection of Support and Hanging Systems
Repair and Erection of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
Installation of Alcohol Production Lines
Erection of Steam, Water and Fuel Pipelines
Design of Low and High Pressure Pipelines
Design of Support and Hanging Systems
Stress Analysis of Pipelines and Support and Hanging Systems
Turbine Equipment Working Instructions and Maintenance Instructions
Installation and Repair of Electrical Motors
Wiring Installation
Repair and Erection of Hoist Equipment
CAD/CAM Design
Converting Raster to Vector Images
Commissioning Operations
Regulating System Adjusting

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